From Dublin to New York and back to Dublin Again!

Business Certificate The origin of our organisation is not only a fascinating story but one with great relevance and reticence given the times we live in today. It’s a story that brought James Valentine Sheridan an aspiring entrepreneur from Dublin to New York. From modest beginnings and like many Irish before him James Valentine Sheridan sought success on the streets of New York.

Never did he imagine when he founded Emerald Cleaning Contractors in Poughkeepsie New York in 1959 that his organisation would service the cleaning requirements for the likes of IBM’s 1 million square foot building in Upstate New York. Nor did he envisage that it would become one of Ireland’s fastest growing providers of professional cleaning and maintenance services to both the public and private sector.

What makes our story truly unique is that following his success in New York James Valentine Sheridan returned home to Ireland with his family in 1975 to establish Emerald Contract Cleaners. James Valentine Sheridan had a vision. He foresaw a contract cleaning business which would flourish through the application of clever thinking, a determined work ethic, passion and a commitment to excellent service and professionalism.

James Valentine Sheridan believed in an extraordinary hands on approach to operations, with value for money ensuring value added service to clients. With over fifty years’ experience in business, to this day the second generation of the Sheridan family play an integral part of the day to day management structure at Emerald where the focus is still on this ethos. Today we offer comprehensive clean building solutions including many specialised techniques. A true Irish success story we are proud of our roots and determined to protect our organisation and foundations.

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