Miracle melomine pads can restore your floors!

June 2017

Watch the Emerald team in action using Melomine pads on a non-slip floor in facility we recently took over the cleaning contract..

Melamine floor cleaning pads are specifically designed for deep cleaning and restoration of marble, stone, concrete, ceramic and other porous floor surfaces. They cut through stubborn, ingrained dirt and scuff marks with just water avoiding the use of chemicals.

They are highly effective for daily, periodic and deep cleaning

How it works:
The Melomine pads penetrates deeply into micro-porous in floor surface, absorbing dirt and removing unsightly marks without damaging floor protection. The pads can be used wet or dry, with or without cleaning agent, to produce clean, residue-free surfaces, and restore shine to protected floors.

Contact Katherine Kelly to find out how we can restore your floors to their original condition using Melomine pads!



Miracle melomine pads can restore your floors!