Event Cleaning - FAQ

February 2015

What events do Emerald clean at?
Emerald Facility Services provide event cleaning services across a range of events including sporting events, race courses, concerts and festivals, stadiums and arenas and tourist attractions.

What’s involved in Emeralds event cleaning services?
Before the event, the Emerald FS team will meet with the event team to discuss the plans for the event, set-ups required and the logistics of the event.

In advance of the event commencing, the Emerald FS team will do a clean of the venue including function rooms, public, hospitality and VIP areas.

The team will set up function rooms and other areas as required, organising waste disposal facilities at appropriate locations and any other pre-event activities.

Throughout the event the Emerald FS team maintain and clean bathrooms, empty waste at disposal sites and carry out additional cleaning based on logistics of event.

After the event the Emerald FS team carry out a post event clean of all areas including a full clean of both internal and external areas of the venue including office facilities, changing rooms, stables and jockey accommodation, food preparation areas, car parks, waste disposal & waste management and  recycling.

What about cleaning at museums or other visitor attraction?
The Emerald event team carry out daily, weekly and periodic cleaning and janitorial services for museums and other visitor attractions.

In addition to the general day to day cleaning of these venues, we also carry out specialist cleaning including abseil window cleaning where windows are difficult to access.

What size of event can Emerald FS provide cleaning services?
The Emerald FS teams of specialist event cleaning staff have the knowledge and training to maintain large scale public events with hundreds of thousands of people in attendance. So regardless of the size of your event, we have the skills and experience manage the cleaning at your event.

Contact Katherine Kelly to find out how Emerald Facility Services can manage the cleaning at your event.

Event Cleaning - FAQ