Window Cleaning Tips

March 2015

It’s not difficult to get your windows shining but it is important to have the right tools! So what do you need?

1. A good squeegee and make sure to keep it fitted with a sharp, new rubber blade. You can buy high quality tools in any hardware shop. (Make sure to replace this blade once your blade is starting to leave streaks)
2. A good quality sponge
3. A bucket
4. Washing up liquid – about a teaspoon
5. A few lint free cloths or small towels

So now you have your tools - how to actually clean your windows?!

1. Fill the bucket to about half or less with warm water and add you washing up liquid or you can apply the soap directly onto the wet sponge.
2. Next it’s scrubbing time! Rub your sponge (that has detergent on it) onto the window using a bit of elbow grease to make sure all the dirt is lifted. You can scrape off any stubborn marks off with a scrapper but make sure to only move the blade in the forward direction otherwise it can drag the dirt across the glass causing scratches.
3. Next step is cleaning the water off the glass with the squeegee. Make sure to hold your squeegee correctly having your thumb half way between top and side of the handle. Also a medium amount of pressure is important as if you hold it too hard you won’t be able to move it along the glass and if too light of pressure you won’t get all the soap off! Starting at the top left corner, snake you way down the window ensuring you go right to the edges.
4. Last step is wiping the edges and any water marks with your micro-fibre cloth!  Make sure your cloth is dry so you will need a few cloths!
5. Use a different towel to wipe up any water that has spilt onto the window sill and the floor.
6. Now follow the same steps on the other side of your windows and it will sparkle!

Emerald Facility Services specialise in high rise window cleaning service using abseiling and other techniques. We also provide commercial window cleaning services across a wide range of business types and schools. For further information or to get a quote please contact Ken Lyons on 01 8712510.

Window Cleaning Tips