Are you prepared for the School Deep Clean?

April 2015

School summer holidays are only around the corner so it’s time now to plan the summer school deep clean so you can pick the best provider of services and ensure your school is cleaned properly during the summer break.

In selecting a provider you need to be sure that they are using the proper cleaning techniques and products.  Green cleaning products should be used which is not only good for the environment but safe for your children and staff as well. 

The school break is the ideal time to get a proper school deep clean to make sure it is a clean and safe environment for students to learn in during the school year. 

So typically what deep cleaning services are required by a school?

  • Floors – one of the biggest projects is the cleaning of school floors where they may need to be stripped, sealed and re-polished.
  • Window Cleaning – inside and outside throughout the whole school.
  • Classroom cleaning - Cleaning the desks, chairs, windows and horizontal surfaces.
  • Computer room - special cleaning procedures are required to ensure that all the electronics in this room are cleaned properly and kept in safe working order.  
  • Library – special care is required in a library to ensure all the books are dusted and cleaned without causing damage.
  • Sports Hall Gym/ Shower area/ Changing Rooms.
  • Kitchen/ Canteen – steam cleaning of this area to ensure all bacteria are removed.
  • Toilets – deep clean of toilet and bathroom areas.
  • Laboratory Areas – our staff are trained in the cleaning of laboratory areas and hazardous chemicals.

Type of cleaning that we carry out in these areas

  • Pressure washing of grounds
  • Stripping, sealing and re-polishing hard floors
  • Scrubber dryer machining for hard floors such as changing room floors and gym floors
  • Curtain and upholstery cleaning
  • Steam cleaning of kitchen areas
  • Window cleaning throughout the school.
  • Deep cleaning of carpets and fabrics

Emerald Facility Services also provide a cost effective daily school cleaning service, window cleaning throughout the school term and adhoc cleaning services.

It’s vitally important to keep the school environment clean and healthy which will encourage children to study and focus because they are in a breathable and positive environment. At Emerald Facility Services we understand the importance of a thoroughly clean school environment.

Emerald Facility Services are currently offering 20% off the usual cost of a school deep clean. To discuss your schools cleaning requirements or to get a quote for deep cleaning your school contact Katherine Kelly today on 01 871 2510.

Are you prepared for the School Deep Clean?