Reasons to have your carpets and rugs cleaned all year around

May 2015

Maintaining your carpets and rugs is vital and will save you money in the long term! Emerald Facility Services provide ongoing carpet and rug cleaning services to offices, commercial premises, factories and schools across Ireland.

There are a number of reasons why you should not neglect the cleaning of carpets and rugs:
• Promotes clean air as floor coverings can trap toxins so cleaning removes these securing fresh indoor air quality.
• It removes dust parasites, allergens and microorganisms reducing the chances of allergies in employees.
• Cleaning carpets and rugs means maintenance vacuuming works better as dry soils can be removed easier.
• It improves the appearance of your office for both employees and visitors to the office. Clean, decently kept up floor coverings say a lot about the general cleanliness of an office.
• Removes any spots and stains before they become ingrained in the fabric. Again this prolongs the life of your carpet.
• Makes your covering look and feel clean and new.
• It can keeps up the manufacturer guarantee. Most carpet manufacturers will guarantee carpets provided that they are cleaned utilizing the extraction strategy typically every 12 to year and a half.

To find out more about Emerald’s ongoing carpet cleaning services contact Katherine Kelly on 01 8712510.

Reasons to have your carpets and rugs cleaned all year around