Recycling and General Waste – Go Green Today!

May 2015

Most companies have a recycling policy and want to ‘go green’ but it’s important to educate your employees and ensure that everyone is contributing to making your company environmentally friendly and are using recycling bins as much as possible!

Your employees are printing on paper and drinking the cans that can easily end up in the wrong bin without much thought.

In the average workplace, approximately 80 to 90 percent of solid waste is actually recyclable so make it easy for your employees by having the correct bins available.

Emerald Facility Services, office cleaning specialists, would recommend the removal of all single offices bins and replacing them with centralised bins for mixed recyclable waste and general waste. The benefits of this are great for your company:
• No longer any requirements for bin liners which are non-biodegradable, bad for the environment and expensive.
• The saving on bin liners per annum could be as much as €1,000 or more depending on frequency of change.
• Less cleaning operative time spent on emptying bins and replacing bin liners and more time spent on cleaning.

Depending on the size of the office, Emerald Facility Services recommend two banks of Slim Jim bins per floor, one for mixed recyclables and one for general waste. The general waste bins would be emptied daily and the mixed recyclables when over three quarters full.

We would also recommend a two to one ration of recyclable waste wheelie bins to general waste bins for disposal of all refuse. Emerald can supply all the necessary recycling and waste bins to set this system in place.

So go green today – contact Emerald Facility Services, office cleaning specialists and we can make it happen for your company! Contact Katherine Kelly Business Development Manager today for more.


Recycling and General Waste – Go Green Today!