Controlling bad odours in your working area!

May 2015

Are you faced with an unpleasant smell when you enter your office or workplace every morning?! Do you welcome the good weather so you can open the windows and allow fresh air into your working space?!

Many of us come to accept a foul or bad smell in our working environment as it is often difficult to locate the source! The source of bad odours can include a whole range of reasons from mildew, mould, smoke, urine, foods, or just plain dirt. It is when these smells are combined that they can become problematic.

Here are a few tips on how to control a bad smell in your working environment:

• Find out the source. A leaking pipe or recent flooding can cause a mould and mildew smell. If there is a stray cat or any vermin they can leave behind smells in the form of urine in hidden areas. Smoke from smokers in the office can linger and attach to curtains, furniture and air vents. Spoiled foods, dirty dishes, or excess rubbish can also emit smells.

• Schedule a deep clean. Keep kitchen areas clean and tidy and ensure bins are changed regularly. Clean out the fridge by removing items and wiping down the inside with a cleaning solution. An opened box of baking soda in the refrigerator will help to absorb unwanted smells. Wipe up spills immediately to prevent saturation into the carpet and schedule regular deep cleanings to prevent smells and improve air quality. Hoover, sweep and mop regularly.

• Open the windows! When possible, let fresh air in to let the smells escape. This will also help direct excess moisture out of the area and prevent possible mildew and mould.

Contact Emerald Facility Services to remove any unwanted odours from your office today. Emerald office cleaning specialists can provide a deep clean of you working area. Contact Katherine Kelly Business Development Manager for details.

Controlling bad odours in your working area!