Painting at Crosbie Business Yard

June 2015

Emerald Facility Services offer a number of specialised window cleaning methods to safely access all external and internal building surfaces.

This specialised service uses abseiling and other techniques to access high level and difficult areas to access due to ground restrictions.

We recently carried out a high rise painting project for Crosbie Yard Business Centre to remove graffiti from the outer area of the building using our abseil painting technique..

Our abseilers painted over the graffiti in the high and difficult to access areas resulting in the building returning to its former glory.

Our abseiling team can clean or paint a variety of surfaces and areas including: Atrium Glazing, Windows, Walls, Storage Facilities, Roofs, Drains, Gutters, Structural Steel, Building Fabric, Inside Lift Shafts, Machinery, Tanks etc

Other services carried out by our abseiling team include painting, changing light bulbs and windows, repairing joints, photographic inspection and gutter & roof inspections.

Health and Safety is a priority for carrying any abseiling work. All our operatives are independently safety trained and certified by an independent consultant. We carry out ongoing refresher courses and focus on new emerging techniques within the industry.

Some of our methods include: Abseiling, Hoist Work, Cherrypicker, Cradle, Reach and Wash Pole System.
For further details of our abseiling and rope access services please contact Ken Lyons on 01 871 2510.

Painting at Crosbie Business Yard