Promoting hand hygiene amongst your employees

June 2015

It may seem obvious but clean hands prevents the spread of germs and disease. While this is particularly important in a healthcare area or hospital it is also vital in all workplaces!

Think of all the tasks or shared touch points for employees - clicking their keyboards and mouse, touching door handles, using printers and photocopiers so good hand hygiene is imperative to ensure that these touch points are not germ carriers!

Good hand hygiene prevents sickness amongst staff and reduces sick leave so you are adding to your organisations bottom line!

So what can you do to promote better hand hygiene?
• Communicate with employees verbally, provide informational emails or flyers and hang posters in the bathrooms creating a positive attitude to hand hygiene health.
• Educate your employees for example a study by the World Health Organization showed that poor hand washing leads to the spread of dangerous pathogens. In order to combat these pathogens, not only should employees wash their hands properly with anti-bacterial soap, but they should also utilize alcohol based hand rubs.
• Provide alcohol sanitizers at key points throughout the office.
• Professional cleaners will sanitize your office ensuring you’re a working in a healthy and clean environment.
• Use a good quality paper towel in bathrooms for hand drying as this is the most hygienic method of drying hands.

Washing your hands regularly is the most effective way of stopping the spread of many common infections. To ensure you are providing a healthy environment for all employees contact Emerald Facility Services for professional cleaning services and we can also advise you in how to promote hand hygiene amongst your team.

Promoting hand hygiene amongst your employees