Benefits of Maintaining a Clean Workplace

June 2015

Commercial cleaning is really an investment that saves your business in the long run adding to your bottom line!

So what are the benefits of employing a commercial cleaning firm for your business?

• Evidence suggests that there is a direct link between a clean work environment and improved employee health which can reduce the number of employee sick days.

• A regular cleaning program preserves and protects your building including carpets, floors, tile surfaces, equipment. This reduces wear and extends the lifespan of your assets.
• A shining workplace can be a great marketing tool, whether you’re trying to impress prospective clients, lease space or sell the building.

• A clean and healthy building creates a welcoming atmosphere which can encourage hard work and raise staff morale. 

It has been suggested that the cleaning industry should be included under the umbrella of the healthcare industry since cleaning plays such an important role in keeping people healthy and productive.

Companies should consider the strong connection between commercial cleaning, employee attendance and performance, customer satisfaction and spending all adding to the value of your business.

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Benefits of Maintaining a Clean Workplace