How to make your workplace more environmentally friendly

July 2015

Creating an environmentally friendly workplace not only helps the environment but will also save your business money. There is also the added marketing benefit of attracting good staff as well as improving your corporate social responsibility.

Here are some tips for creating a greener workplace:
• Assign a Green Leader to assist in training and education of staff
• Develop green policy and procedures and all employees should be trained on green procedures
• Recycle paper, plastics, aluminium and glass
• Remove all single offices bins and replace with centralised bins for mixed recyclable waste and general waste.
• Ensure double-sided printing is the default for all printing and copying
• Conserve computer, machinery or printer energy for example setting your computer to sleep mode when you are away from your desk, don't use a screensaver as these use energy rather than save it and turn off printers, computers or machinery when leaving work for the evening.
• Purchase eco-friendly products made with recycled content
• Use reusable utensils in the kitchen or canteen area such as glasses, mugs and plates
• Buy products in bulk or try refillable options
• Encourage staff to be environmentally aware in their journey to work by offering cycle to work scheme, public transport schemes, having a bike rack available or create a car pool system

In relation to waste, Emerald Facility Services recommend two banks of Slim Jim bins per floor, one for mixed recyclables and one for general waste. The general waste bins would be emptied daily and the mixed recyclables when over three quarters full.

We would also recommend a two to one ration of recyclable waste wheelie bins to general waste bins for disposal of all refuse. Emerald can supply all the necessary bins to set this system in place.

So go green today – contact Emerald Facility Services and we can make it happen for your company! Contact Katherine Kelly Business Development Manager today for more.

How to make your workplace more environmentally friendly