Prevent germs from building up around the office

August 2015

Preventing the build-up of germs through good office cleaning and a regular deep clean will reduce the spread of sickness amongst employees saving you money!

The office area can be a haven for germs and bacteria in particular office equipment including keyboards, phones, computer mice and desks. This equipment should be regularly disinfected to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria responsible for disease.

Emerald Facility services provide office cleaning and deep cleaning services to disinfect these areas of germs and grime.

We provide some tips for preventing the build-up of germs around the office:
Avoid eating at your desk
The desk can be a breeding ground for germs. Take your lunch to the kitchen or canteen area. Make sure to wipe down eating area and wash your hands before and after eating.

Hand Hygiene
Washing your hands properly regularly and drying with a paper towel is the most effective way of stopping the spread of many common infections.

Wipe surfaces with disposable disinfectant
Wipe shared touch points daily with a disposable disinfectant wipe including desk surface, keyboard, mouse, telephone, printers, scanners, kitchen sink handles, microwave handle, refrigerator handle, kitchen countertops, conference room tables, conference room phone, and water fountain buttons.

Hand Sanitisers
Provide alcohol sanitizers at key points throughout the office.

The Emerald Office Cleaning team recommend regular office cleaning and twice yearly office deep cleans to ensure that your office area is clean and free from harmful bacteria reducing the spread of germs and sickness in your office.

Contact Katherine Kelly, Emerald Facility Services Daily Office Cleaning department to ensure a healthy and clean environment for your employees.

Prevent germs from building up around the office