Tips for decorating your office this Christmas

November 2015

Christmas brings out the experimental decorator in everyone. There's just something about passing seasonal shop windows and streets lit with cheerful lights that makes you want to have that Christmas feeling around you all day long.

Mixing office decor with Christmas cheer can sometimes result in the most unusual work environments. Before you go all out with your tinsel and baubles, make sure your office Christmas decorations will meet with the approval of your co-workers and boss!

Emerald Facility Services have provided a few tips to keep in mind when decorating your office area for Christmas:

1. Dust bunnies don't look like snowballs, so make sure to the office is cleaned before and after you put up your Christmas decorations! Don’t forget to call Emeralds daily office cleaning team to make sure the office is spic’n’span!

2.  An eight foot Christmas tree might not suit your open plan office and the same goes for a life sized Santa Claus. Make sure your decorations are limited to your space and that you still have room to work productively.

3. Despite the fact that decorating for Christmas is probably a welcome distraction from work make sure to decorate your workspace during lunch or at an appropriate time during the day.

4. Green isn't just for Christmas trees. Don’t forget to be environmentally-conscious by keeping electricity usage to a minimum. Candy canes and any food decorations might attract unwanted visitors.

5. Remember that the office is still a place of business, so resist the urge to comment on coworker's enthusiasm Christmas, or lack thereof. Ensure to get permission before starting your decorating spree!

Contact Katherine Kelly, Emerald Facility Services Daily Office Cleaning department to ensure your office is clean in advance of the festive season.

Tips for decorating your office this Christmas