Pre-Christmas Office Clear Out

November 2015

The week before the workplace closes for Christmas is a perfect time to have an office clean and clear out so you can have a clean finish to the working year! Coming back to a clean office in January boosts staff morale and encourages a ‘fresh start’ for everyone. You could even add some festive cheer to the seemingly mundane task by bringing in mince pies or a box of Roses to accompany the big clean up!

During the pre-Christmas clear-out employees can sort out old paperwork, clear Christmas waste, and deep clean the workplace ahead of the return to work in January.

So what can you do to ensure a really successful pre-Christmas office clear out?

  • Documents – ensure all confidential documents are shredded securely ahead of the festive period. Consider off-site document storage for large amounts of documents that are not used on a daily basis but must be retained.
  • Clear Christmas waste – All waste packaging from online orders should be disposed of/ or recycled properly in line with your environmental policies. Many Christmas gifts are bought online and delivered to staff at the workplace so you may want to think ahead to avoid a build-up of excess packaging.
  • Tidy your desk –paperwork builds up over the year so pre-Christmas is the perfect time to de-clutter and clear out any old documents ready for the new year. File away important documents and dispose of any which are no longer needed.
  • Clean up your workplace – Everything from your keyboard, to the bathroom, to the office fridge is rife with bacteria which will multiply over the festive season if not removed. Make sure you implement a deep clean before Christmas or call Emerald Facility Services who can provide this service.
  • Prepare for the New Year – Start the New Year by implementing an environmentally friendly policy and turn your company green for 2016! Not creating unnecessary waste in the first place, and recycling wherever you can, will cause a serious reduction in your carbon footprint and put green practices at the top of your New Year’s resolution list.
  • Unused Office Equipment - think about donating any unused computers, printers, scanners or other equipment that are still in good working order to charity. If equipment is not in working order you will need to dispose of these correctly.

So finish 2015 on a positive note with a really good pre-Christmas clear-out and you will be ready for a great fresh start to 2016! Contact Katherine Kelly Emerald Facility Services for details of our deep clean office cleaning services and for all workplaces.



Pre-Christmas Office Clear Out