Have you set your commercial cleaning New Year’s Resolutions?!

January 2016

Commercial cleaning may not be at the top of your agenda when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. But now is the perfect time to review commercial cleaning in your organisation and put a plan in place to improve it in 2016! So what are our recommendations for your commercial cleaning New Year’s Resolutions?!

Think Green

This time of year many people are thinking about improving their health. You can also apply this to commercial cleaning through your cleaning product selection. Ensure your cleaning company uses green cleaning products. The benefit is twofold – firstly they are environmentally friendly but they can also cause less irritation to customers and employees sensitive to such products.

Improve your cleaning

If you are planning on growing in 2016 you may need to ask yourself if the appearance of your facility represents your brand. So does the condition of your facility positively reflect your business to your employees, customers and visitors to your premises? If the answer is no you may need to review existing cleaning strategies. If you don’t employ a commercial cleaning service now is a good time to find a reputable commercial cleaning company to fulfil your requirements.

Stamp out germs

Viruses and bacteria are more prevalent during the winter causing sickness to your employees. Stepping up your cleaning efforts will help to prevent this. High-traffic areas of your office or facility should be disinfected regularly. Install antibacterial dispensers throughout the premises for staff and guests to use.

Invest in professional floor care

The appearance of your floors is also a reflection of your business. Maintaining your floors, carpets and rugs using a professional cleaner is vital and will save you money in the long term. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned, or the PH balance that helps them naturally repel dirt and stains can be irreparably damaged. Floors should be professionally buffed and waxed to minimize routine wear and tear.

Delegate strategically

Allow your staff the time to focus on their job leaving commercial cleaning tasks to your cleaning professionals. Your commercial cleaning company can provide a wide variety of tasks including facility services. Ensure your staff know all the tasks that can be performed by your commercial cleaning firm allowing employees focus on their highest value activities.

If you’re ready to grow your business in 2016 contact Katherine Kelly in Emerald Facility Services to discuss how our experienced commercial cleaning team can help you achieve your goals in the year ahead.

Have you set your commercial cleaning New Year’s Resolutions?!