How Emerald provide an environmentally friendly cleaning service

January 2016

Emerald Facility Services are aware of the need to provide a cleaning service in a way that is ‘environmentally friendly’. But this doesn’t just mean using chemicals that are safe for the environment, it means minimising all the many other environmental impacts that arise in making and using cleaning products, such as energy consumption and waste disposal.

There are numerous benefits to providing a cleaning service that is environmentally friendly:

  • Improving staff and client health
  • Positive impact on the environment
  • Protection of client furniture and equipment

We aim to ‘improve sustainability’ by making an improvement in the overall cleaning service process.

There are a number of keys steps which Emerald Facility Services follow to optimise sustainability:

1. Choosing products that are designed for sustainability as well as human health and safety. Using non-toxic cleaning agents this reduces potential health hazard to cleaning staff and clients and it protects the environment.

2. Working with suppliers that responsibly manage their manufacturing impacts

Water and Air Quality: Toxic waste is not removed from the waste stream by sewage treatment so reducing the usage of cleaning chemicals reduces contamination of freshwater supplies.

Energy Use and Emissions: Avoiding the use of petroleum based solvents such as bleach and chlorine which are produced by methods which use a high consumption of energy avoids high energy use.

3. Minimising the environmental impacts that arise during our cleaning operations

- We reduce consumption of cleaning chemicals, packaging and energy by buying effective products and using them efficiently to minimise wastage and disposal to landfill.

- We clearly define what task the cleaning products will be used for and buy products which deliver the required performance.

- We purchase more concentrated cleaning products, where applicable which can be diluted before use.

- By servicing cleaning equipment regularly, particularly critical items such as dosing pumps for automated machines, this improves efficiency.

- Reducing cleaning chemicals - staff training is carried out to ensure all staff understand the importance of providing a cleaning service that is environmentally friendly and how to carry out the cleaning process to ensure green procedures are implemented in particular the reduction of cleaning chemicals used.

Sustainability is about meeting our own needs - in this context making things clean - without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The general concept of improving sustainability is simple: Reduce consumption (to preserve the world’s natural resources) and reduce emissions (to minimise pollution).

Emerald Facility Services aim to work in partnership with our clients to provide a cleaning service that is sustainable, efficient and always of high quality. Contact Katherine Kelly in Emerald Facility Services for further details on our sustainable policy and to discuss your cleaning service requirements for the year ahead.

How Emerald provide an environmentally friendly cleaning service