A day in the life...with Business Development Manager Katherine Kelly

February 2016

How long have you been working in Emerald Facility Services?

One and a half years.

How many years have you been working in the cleaning industry?

I've been involved in office cleaning for over twenty four years!

Favourite cleaning product?

A microfibre cloth – it can clean anything using the cloth and some water with no damage to any surface! Just to give you the science - the threads are smaller than the dirt, grease and bacteria you are trying to remove when cleaning. As a result, a microfibre cloth is able to lift anything off a surface, trap it in and store the particles until washed. This means that rather than wiping, you are actually cleaning a surface. I'd recommend it for all office cleaning and for cleaning at home!

Top cleaning Tip?

‘Less is more!’ Using less detergent will not only allow you to improve the cleaning of your furniture but it is also more environmentally friendly.

Share a cleaning story!

We are regularly called regarding bird issues on high buildings. Bird droppings can become a problem on atrium or high windows. Many companies use different methods to deter birds from nesting on their buildings including the use of large nets, high frequency sound devices or a type of scarecrow!

We recently found a large bird’s nest with large blue eggs on the roof of a client’s building. We obviously didn’t disturb the nest.The eggs must hatch before removing a nest and carrying out a deep clean of the area.

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A day in the life...with Business Development Manager Katherine Kelly