Love birds but not on your commercial property?

February 2016

We all love to see or hear birds in our gardens or in a tree, however, birds can become bothersome or even dangerous pests, especially for commercial properties.

Most companies use barriers to deter nesting in commercial properties but our feathery friends can find a way around these defences! Nesting birds find gable vents and other high reaching areas the ideal place for building nests.

The Emerald Facility Services industrial cleaning team can carry out a deep clean after the birds have been removed to ensure the area is disinfected ensuring all scents and markings left by the birds have been eradicated.

In order to safety remove birds from commercial premises a good deterrent plan will save your business time and money. We provide some tips and advice on the best approach to deterring birds from your commercial building permanently:

1. If the birds are a protected species, removing them may be illegal. Contact Bird Watch Ireland or other relevant body to assist you if necessary. Learning about the type of bird you are dealing with can give you an idea of how to best prevent it and related birds from returning. 

2. It is worth finding out what is attracting the birds, and remove the enticement. For example there could be a fountain or other water collection pools, loose food sources, nearby bird feeders or even uncovered bins.

3. Check the nest for eggs or chicks. It’s not humane to remove a nest containing eggs or chicks, especially if the bird is a protected species. However you can remove a nest once the chicks have hatched and left the nest (usually about two weeks) you can begin your removal process. 

4. Ensure to remove the nest with gloves to protect from disease and a respirator may be required to protect from the many airborne diseases.  The area should be disinfected which will remove the scents and markings birds use to identify safe nesting sites. The nest should be securely bagged for disposal to prevent attracting vermin. 

5. Deterrents can include the following:

 • Bird spikes which are needle-like rods can be attached to building ledges, street lighting, and commercial signage to prevent larger birds from perching or roosting. Spikes need to be cleaned regularly as they can become cluttered with debris and consequently be rendered ineffective.

  • Sonic devices can repel birds discreetly & permanently using silent-to-humans ultrasonic sound waves! Ultrasonic technology is extremely irritating & disorienting to birds, but remains a safe, humane & eco-friendly option.

  • Visual deterrents in the form of a scarecrow like plastic predator for example an owl or simple visual scares like holographic bird tape which reflects sunlight and makes noise in the wind. Change them regularly as birds will soon get used to them -yes birds are that clever!

  • Mount bird wire to prevent birds from nesting or perching along ledges.

  • Bird netting which is invisible from a distance is very effective in blocking all birds from spaces such as building siding and open spaces for example atrium windows.

Note what you should not do:
Poisons should not be used. The use of poisons is illegal in Ireland because of the negative impact that poisoned birds can have on the local ecosystem, and dead, decaying birds can attract other pests to create even worse problems.

Trap-and-release systems generally don’t work. During the trapping process birds can become injured or extremely anxious, which often leads to their death. There is also a higher chance that they will return if you are successful in moving them.

Contact Ken Lyons, Operations Director of the industrial cleaning team for more information on our deep cleaning services.

Love birds but not on your commercial property?