The benefits of microfibre cleaning

March 2016

Emerald Facility Services use microfiber cleaning throughout the cleaning process including daily office cleaning and industrial cleaning. Microfibre cleaning is four times more effective than other cloths and because they require less soap than other cloths they are also more environmentally friendly.

Find out more about microfiber cleaning and how it can also benefit home cleaning in addition to office cleaning and industrial cleaning!

Microfibre cleaning material is available in several different material types, each providing its own features and benefits and offering choice based on cleaning required.

The science behind microfiber
Microfibre is a combination of polyester and polyamide, which when combined creates a thread with a thickness denier of 1. The single thread is 100 times finer that single human hair. The threads are smaller than the dirt, grease and bacteria you are trying to remove when cleaning. As a result, a microfibre cloth is able to lift anything off a surface, trap it in and store the particles until washed. This means that rather than wiping, you are actually cleaning a surface.

  • Microfibre cleaning cloths will remove virtually any soiling from any surface. They are longer lasting than other cleaning products and in general contain more fibres per square inch than other cloths
  • Microfibre cleaning cloths are 4 times more effective than an ordinary cloth and have a longer lifespan
  • Microfibre textiles are environmentally friendly cleaning products, requiring no soap or chemicals of any kind
  • Microfibre is incredibly absorbent, absorbing over 7 times its weight in water. A microfibre cloth dries in one third of the time an ordinary cloth take to dry
  • Microfibre cloths and mops when used with regular tap water are extremely effective in removing bacteria from smooth surfaces. A bacterial-test taken after a traditional wet mop cleaning showed only a 30% reduction to pre-cleaning. The same bacterial-test taken after  cleaning using a microfibre mop showed a marked improvement of up to a 99% reduction
  • Using Microfibre products have greater cost-in-use benefits as well as reducing the effort, time and water used to clean.
  • Microfibre cleaning products effortlessly pick up dirt, dust, hair and bacteria. At the same time, you not only create a clean environment but you also protect the environment from chemical pollution.
  • Microfibre cleaning cloths are lint free and non-abrasive
  • Microfibre is hypoallergenic and will not create problems for asthmatics or allergy sufferers

How to care for micro fibre cloths
Microfibre cloths and cleaners can be washed in the machine in a warm to hot wash, which open s up the fibres and releases the dirt into the water. The laundry detergent in the water helps to release heavy soiling from the microfibre.

Contact Katherine Kelly in Emerald Facility Services to find out more about microfibre cleaning or to discuss your daily office cleaning requirements.

The benefits of microfibre cleaning