How to maintain bathrooms in your workplace

June 2016

Did you know that we spend on average 1.5 years of our lives in a bathroom? In addition whether we know it or not, we tend to judge facilities cleanliness by the upkeep of the bathroom. Does the bathroom smell clean? Are there papers on floor or is the floor wet? Do the taps and mirrors shine? Does the sink and counter top area look clean? Is the bin over flowing?

So I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s worth placing emphasis on maintaining a clean bathroom in the workplace.

Here are some tips on how to keep the bathrooms in your facility looking and smelling clean:

Develop a Checklist: ensure that bathrooms exceed visitor expectations, establish and document cleaning procedures. A good cleaning plan will include a combination of spot cleaning, daily cleaning and deep cleaning methods. By establishing a regular cleaning checklist and properly training employees on procedures, even the busiest bathrooms can maintain high levels of cleanliness.

Select Products That Perform: In addition to supplies such as soap and toilet paper, select products to protect, maintain and deep clean restroom surfaces, like registered disinfectants. This includes products that will keep the bathroom looking and smelling clean during use, such as air fresheners (automatic or handheld), touch less fixtures (faucets, soap dispensers and flush mechanisms) and fragranced urinal screens. Bathroom products that help maintain cleanliness include cleaning solutions and tools such as floor cleaning equipment, chemical dispensing systems and cleaning charts.

Keeping bathrooms visually clean and smelling clean improves customer service and builds loyalty.

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How to maintain bathrooms in your workplace