Have you booked in your school deep clean?

June 2016

The school holidays are only around the corner so now is the time to plan your school's deep clean. The Emerald Facility Service industrial team’s calendar is filling up quickly for June, July and August so contact us now to avail of our special offer of 20% off all school deep cleaning.

The school deep clean is important for the “first impressions,” on the return to school in September as well as for creating a healthier school environment. If the school has been sitting unused all summer, you can be sure that dust, dirt and other contaminants have made a home on every surface.

Type of school deep cleaning that Emerald Facility Services carry out include

  • Pressure washing of grounds
  • Stripping, sealing and re-polishing hard floors
  • Scrubber dryer machining for hard floors such as changing room floors and gym floors
  • Curtain and upholstery cleaning
  • Graffiti and gum removal
  • Steam cleaning of kitchen areas
  • Window cleaning throughout the school.
  • Deep cleaning of carpets and fabrics

Don’t forget, school deep cleaning can reduce allergens and bacteria, dust, dirt, mould, and pollen. It will also set the stage for regularly scheduled sanitizing to help stop the spread of infections in the autumn.

Areas the Emerald school deep clean team target include bathrooms, carpets and floors, windows and lights, sports hall or gymnasium, kitchen and canteen, classroom cleaning, library and  laboratories.

So plan for a great start to the school year with a school deep clean. It will lift everyone’s morale and it will also be easier to maintain your school throughout the year. Contact Katherine Kelly to book your school in for the deep clean.

Have you booked in your school deep clean?