The five areas to clean in a restaurant

June 2016

You often hear the phrase – you can tell what a restaurant is like by the bathrooms! Well avoid being judged by a dirty bathroom or floor by ensuring you have the important areas covered. This will allow you to focus on perfecting and building on your menu!

The top five areas to clean in a restaurant include:

1. Floors. One of the first things a customer sees when they walk into your restaurant is the floor. From dirt to discoloured grout lines and carpet stains, there are many tell-tale signs of a dirty floor.

To ensure your floors are spic’n’span implement a floor care program that focuses on deep cleaning, protecting and maintaining floor surfaces. Whether restaurant floors are covered by carpet or ceramic tiles, a floor care program that involves these steps and uses mats to contain dirt will keep surfaces clean over an extended period of time, ensuring that your guests think “clean” when they look down.

2. Bathrooms. Dirty bathrooms, unflushed toilets, under-stocked paper goods and general bad odours are frequent problems in restaurants.

So how can you avoid this – ensure there is a bathroom cleaning program that not only ensures that bathrooms are always properly stocked, but that they are also regularly deep cleaned. In addition to daily maintenance, integrate a deep cleaning program to remove soils that regular mops and brushes can’t remove, but can cause odours.

3. Restaurant tables. Remnants from meals, displaced napkins and general dirt left on and around tables can leave guests with a negative impression of the restaurant. There is nothing worse than seeing the remnants of the last guest’s food when you sit down to a meal.

A porter or waiter should be designated to handle front of the house cleaning issues, such as dirty tables or drink spills. From removing food and dirty utensils to spraying down tables with a general purpose cleaner, this individual’s primary responsibility should be to keep the dining room clean and ready for guests.

4. Staff. Unkempt staff can be an immediate turn-off to restaurant patrons. From uniform stains to poor personal grooming, the appearance of restaurant employees can be an indicator of the restaurant’s overall commitment to cleanliness.

In addition to enforcing good personal hygiene, ensure that staff members are dressed in  uniformed clothing that reflects your brand. When a new employee begins work, fit them for correct sizing and immediately remove stained or worn uniforms from operation.

5. Kitchen. For restaurants that open the kitchen to guest viewing or those that operate behind closed doors, kitchen cleanliness is imperative in any foodservice operation.

From preparation areas to floors, kitchen surfaces should be kept clean and odour free by sanitizing regularly and deep cleaning on a regular basis.

It is imperative to keep a restaurant immaculately clean for the sake of food hygiene but also to ensure customers return to your restaurant. Contact Katherine Kelly Emerald Facility Services for details of our deep clean services in restaurants and company canteens.

The five areas to clean in a restaurant