High rise polycarbonate cleaning at the Aviva stadium

August 2016

Polycarbonate surfaces are highly weather resilient with the UV resistant surface and are ideal for high-rise glass buildings.

Periodic cleaning using proper procedures and compatible cleaners is recommended to prolong the service life. 

The Emerald Facility Services high rise window cleaning team are experienced in cleaning polycarbonate surfaces and recently cleaned the polycarbonate windows at the Aviva stadium.

How to clean polycarbonate surfaces:

Although Polycarbonate is effectively an unbreakable material, it is important that only a soft cloth is used in the cleaning process. This ensures that the outer surface of the polycarbonate sheet maintains its finish and is not buffed or scrapped in the cleaning process. A mild soap detergent, like normal washing up liquid, is sufficient avoiding abrasive or gritty cleaners.

Dos and Don’ts of Polycarbonate cleaning

1. Avoid using the ‘jet’ setting on a power hose as this may cause damage to the sheet where grit or debris initially lifted from the surface, may be accelerated across the surface of the sheet under and in the jet stream on subsequent passes over the same area.  can have an abrasive effect and may cause scratching or pot marking on the polycarbonate surface

2. If using a power hose to clean Polycarbonate sheet, use the 'mist' setting. This will provide sufficient water to clean the sheet, combined with a mild soap detergent. Use a soft cloth like a chamois and rinse the cloth after each single pass, to remove dirt from the cloth and avoid it being rubbed back onto the surface.

3. Don’t use the jet setting as it can cause leaks as it can force or accelerate debris and water under sealing gaskets used on the sheet which can cause future leaks.

To find out more about our high rise polycarbonate window cleaning services contact Ken Lyons in the high rise window cleaning team.

High rise polycarbonate cleaning at the Aviva stadium