Training Policy

Training Policy

Emerald Facility Services is conscious of the need to achieve and sustain a high quality service by providing adequate training for all personnel and to provide adequate resources to ensure that training and development is effectively planned, implemented and reviewed.

We identify training and development as an essential tool in achieving our overall mission - “We will by our performance, partnership and people be the chosen provider of all services in our field by supplying high quality consistently.” We will manage and develop training activities via an annual training programme that reflects individual, team and organisational needs.

We will implement performance reviews to identify company training needs and individual development plans.

We will invest in People for the continual improvement of performance towards “Best in Class” and our training and development programmes have the full authority of the Directors, all employees are expected to co-operate in its implementation.

We will implement a training & development strategy that focuses on long term development.

We will follow a policy of promotion from within, where every employee’s contribution is recognised as essential to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation. We aim to promote the systematic development of attitude, knowledge and skill through our on-going training and development programmes.

The need for specific training will be identified along with any regard for retraining or the reinforcement of training for existing personal and the induction training of new staff.

As part of the Company’s Equal Opportunities Policy, all employees have access to relevant training on the basis of job requirements, regardless of age, gender, race, creed, length of service or whether full time or part time status. Extra support is provided for those who have special needs, including people with physical or sensory disabilities or learning difficulties.

Information, instruction and training are provided for all employees particularly in the areas of Health and Safety to meet our obligations under Health & Safety and other relevant legislation.

Signed: Date:   06/05/2011