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About emerald


Emerald Facility Services is one of the leading Window, Industrial and Daily Office Cleaning companies in Ireland. We employ over 500 staff across our three departments. Our ethos is to employ a respected staff of managers and cleaners that is essential to the consistent delivery of high quality cleaning services.

We’re dedicated to building a highly trained, trusted and professional cleaning team to achieve the highest levels of professionalism and success. We care about our staff, our clients and our services.

Management, Reporting & Administration

We are committed to ensuring that a high-quality service is delivered and at the same time committed to providing an efficient service to the client.  We will enforce this ethos through a detailed agreement with the required service levels, the expected performance, and the quality of service to be delivered.

Emerald Facility Services ensure there is an on-going assessment of the quality of the service being delivered. We use audits and rigorous quality and control policies and procedures which set basic requirements and responsibilities for the supply and maintenance of the service and communication with the client. 

The Auditing system on tablets and smart phones allows each client to receive auditing results in real time.